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First of all, What is a chord progression?

A tornado of ideas: Chord Progressions Ideas

“A chord or harmonic progression is a succession of chords, which are three notes at least played together. There is a chord progression behind every music or melody that you had the occasion to listen to. The more common number of chords in a chord progression is 4 chords. It varies in function of the styles.”

We’ll do our best to help you find some progressions, just so you can use it to do some stuff like:

  • Do your own music instrumental !
  • Find some amazing chords !
  • Spice up your chords when you play !
  • Add more complexity to your chord progressions !
  • Simply get ideas !
  • And a lot more !

We hope that, you’ll find the ones through the differents styles that we offer like:

And more coming soon enough !

All of the videos and progressions will be in degrees, which means that:

If we are in C major: C=1=I, D=2=II, E=3=III, F=4=IV, G=V=5, A=VI=6 and B=VII=7. If we are in A minor it does not change.

For the sake of simplicity, thanks again !

Also, we will not run out of new ideas ! And, guess what ? You can make your own ideas too !

Simply by mixing up every and I mean, EVERY LITTLE THING you found on this website:

  • Chords
  • Melodies
  • Moves
  • Even Progressions
  • Additional Chords
  • And so on and so forth

For now,

Only the Jazz Chord Progression Section has been filled up by, progressions and their alternatives.

You’ll find nothing in the other pages for now so, if you want to check out the Jazz Chord Progression Page please enjoy yourself by clicking on it on the Categories Section.

We hope that will help you find the inspiration needed.

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You’ll find different instrumentals, will you be able to reproduce them?

Let me know how’s it sounds to you !

For now there is only chord progression on the piano, you’ll find common chord progression.

These chord progressions fit for songwriters (soon in pdf form).

This site is a chord progression finder.

Some chord progression ideas.