The C# Minor Chord

We’re going to talk about the C# minor chord !

The C# minor chord
C#min chord

The C# minor chord is not a simple chord to create on both piano and guitar at first. It’s for the intermediate leveler. It’s the first chord in a C#min scale.

To build a minor chord you have to think by steps between the notes.

By that, I mean that you have to know the steps that connect the notes together. Those steps never fluctuate. You can play them in any order you’re in to create inversions !

Minor chords is formed by the following:

  • (Tonic)-Minor 3rd-Perfect Fifth
  • or Minor 3rd-Perfect Fifth-(Tonic)
  • or Perfect Fifth-(Tonic)-Minor 3rd

Ok, then how do we build the chord by ourselves?

To build any minor chord, you have to keep in mind that the tonic (aka the first note) in this case is C#. You have to start from C# and start building from there.

In C# we have:

I (C#) – ii (D#) – iii (E) – IV (F#) – V (G#) – vi (A#) – vii (B)

In the chord case:

  • Tonic – (C#)
  • Major Second – (D#)
  • Minor Third – (E)
  • Perfect Fourth – (F#)
  • Perfect Fifth – (G#)
  • Minor Sixth – (A)
  • Minor Seventh – (B)


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