The F sharp minor chord

We’re going to talk about the F sharp minor chord !

The F sharp minor chord is not a simple chord to create on both piano and guitar at first. It’s for the intermediate leveler. It’s the first chord in a F sharp minor scale.

The F sharp minor chord
The F sharp minor chord

To build a minor chord you have to think by steps between the notes

By that, I mean that you have to know the steps that connect the notes together. Those steps never fluctuate. You can play them in any order you’re in to create inversions !

Minor chords is formed by the following:

  • (Tonic)-Minor 3rd-Perfect Fifth
  • or Minor 3rd-Perfect Fifth-(Tonic)
  • or Perfect Fifth-(Tonic)-Minor 3rd

Ok, then how do we build the F sharp minor chord by ourselves?

To build any minor chord, you have to keep in mind that the tonic (aka the first note) in this case is F#. You have to start from F# and start building from there.

In F sharp minor we have:

I (F#) – ii (G#) – iii (A) – IV (B) – V (C#) – vi (D) – vii (E)

In the F# minor chord case:

  • Tonic – (F#)
  • Major Second – (G#)
  • Minor Third – (A)
  • Perfect Fourth – (B)
  • Perfect Fifth – (C#)
  • Minor Sixth – (D)
  • Minor Seventh – (E)


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