Gospel Progressions: IVMaj9-IIIaug7#9-VImin9-Vmin7-IMaj9

Gospel Progressions The Best In Me Chord Progression Advanced

An often used progression in Gospel Progressions,

Used in musics like: “The Best In Me, Marvin Sapp”


Gospel Progressions the best in me chord progression

Anyway, here are meanings behind what’s been added:

aug7#9= do an augmented chord with a dominant 7 and a #9 in this voicing we’ve got: Eaug7#9=E-Ab-C-D-G

min9= do a minor chord with a 9 in this voicings: Amin9=A G-B-C-E

min7: Gmin7= G F-A-Bb-D

Maj9: do a major chord with a 9 in it in this voicing: Fmaj9: F E-G-A-C, Cmaj9: C B-D-E-G


[jtab phrase=’Fmaj7:1 Eaug:1 Am:1 Gm:1 C7:1 ‘]

Here’s how you can play it in all 12 keys:

gospel songs 12 keys the best in me chord progression

Let’s hear this progression:

Or listen to the piano cover on youtube about the best in me chord progression:


Pro Tips:

Feel entirely free to mix the progressions together, to be totally original and unique in your art.

If you also, mash up the chords, I can guarantee you that the progression you come up with will perfectly make sense !

Let’s talk about scales, if you wanna make some instrumentals !

By my experience,

The best scale was the blues scale in case of making a lead !

If we are in the key of C, the blues scale is:


Mix that up, with any of the progressions that are above and you’ll be satisfied promised. 🙂

So go ahead, make some gospel songs !

That was all about the pro tips that I’ve got for you guys. Welp, for now.

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You’ll find different instrumentals, will you be able to reproduce them?

Let me know how’s it sounds to you !

A chord progression idea.

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