Hip-Hop Songs : IMaj-IVMaj7

Welcome this progression Imaj7-IVMaj7 of hip-hop songs !

Break down of the hip-hop progression:

“All of this new information, popped out of nothing, looks complicated.”

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If it is what you are thinking after you click or even before, it is absolutely normal, if you already get what the heck those chords means, then my congratulations.

So for those who are normals or even beginners uh… I don’t know “progressionners?”, “Progressionist?”…”Chords Apprentice?

I just don’t know what to call my audience .

Anyway, here are meanings behind what’s been added:

Maj7= add the 7 to a major chord so we’ve got: Cmaj7=C-E-G-B and Fmaj7=F-A-C-E

Let’s hear it:


Yeah by the way I use FL :p for hip-hop songs.

And that’s about it for this progression which gives me thrill whenever I get to listen to it in a music. 🙂 Which is great !

Pro Tips:

Feel entirely free to mix the progressions together, to be totally original and unique in your art.

If you also, mash up the chords, I can guarantee you that the progression you come up with will perfectly make sense !

Let’s talk about scales, if you wanna make some hip-hop instrumentals !

By my experience,

The best scale was the blues scale in case of making a lead !

If we are in the key of C, the blues scale would be:


Mix that up, with any of the progressions that are above and you’ll be satisfied promised. 🙂

So go ahead, play some hip-hop !

That was all about the pro tips that I’ve got for you guys. Welp, for now.

Let me know how it sounds to you !

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You’ll find different instrumentals, will you be able to reproduce them?

Let me know how’s it sounds to you !

A chord progression idea.

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