Gospel Songs

 Wanna get phat chord progressions for your creations fast ?

There you go !

Gospel Songs

So how to use phat progressions to make a song?

A list of some fresh common chord progressions and some variables (all of them have at least one variable) !

Each one of them have a video where you can see and listen by yourself what the chord progression looks like !

Below some of the chord progressions that are out there, you can often see in what “famous” songs the progression had already took place!

These are some chord progression ideas you might want to hear if you are interested in gospel music.

Currently In Progress:

How To Play Lord I Need You

How To Play The Best In Me: (IV-III-VI-V)

“The Best In Me, Marvin Sapp”

How To Play The Best In Me Progression (Ré-Sol-Do-Fa-Si-Mi-Fa) (2-5-1-4-7-3-6)

“When The Spirit Of The Lord, Fred Hammond”

The III-VI-V-I-VI-II-V-I Progression (Mi-Fa-Sol-Do-La-Ré-Sol-Do)  (3-6-5-1-4-2-5-1)

“This Is The Day, Fred Hammond”

The VI-II-IV-VII-III-VI Progression (La-Ré-Fa-Si-Mi-La) (6-2-4-7-3-6)

“Possess The Land, Marvin Sapp”

The I-II-III-IV-IVmin Progression (Do-Ré-Mi-Fa-Famin) (1-2-3-4-4min)

“Every Prayer, Israel Houghton”

The I-IV-I-VI-II-V Progression (Do-Fa-Do-La-Ré-Sol) (1-6-1-4-2-5)

“A Little More Jesus, Erica Campbell”

The IV-III-II-I-II-III Progression (Fa-Mi-Ré-Do-Ré-Mi) (4-3-2-1-2-3)

“Work In Your Favor, Hezekiah Walker”

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Pro Tips:

Feel entirely free to mix the progressions together, to be totally original and unique in your art.

If you also, mash up the chords, I can guarantee you that the progression you come up with will perfectly make sense !

Let’s talk about scales, if you wanna make some instrumentals !

By my experience,

The best scale was the blues scale in case of making a lead !

If we are in the key of C, the blues scale is:


Mix that up, with any of the progressions that are above and you’ll be satisfied promised. 🙂

So go ahead, make some gospel songs !

That was all about the pro tips that I’ve got for you guys. Welp, for now.

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You’ll find different instrumentals, will you be able to reproduce them?

Let me know how’s it sounds to you !

A chord progression idea.